Here you can find links to some of the things I have written. They are organized by publication and headline.

The New York Times Magazine

How to Defend Someone You Know Is Guilty
The Dark Side of Innocence



Diary (from my days at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem)

Also in Slate:

The Independent Grand Jury That Wasn't (Jurisprudence)
Fairness in Ferguson (Jurisprudence)
The Wire and Jury Nullification (Convictions)
Give Perjury Prosecutions a Rest (Convictions)
The Price (in years) of Celebrity (Convictions)
A Dandy Deportation (Convictions)
Lying Lawyers (The Gist)
Domestic Silence (Jurisprudence)
Everyday Obstruction (Jurisprudence)
Printing Problems (Jurisprudence)
Public Offenders  (Jurisprudence)
Blue Hawaii  (Jurisprudence)
Pro-Se Can You See (Jurisprudence)
Radical Sheik (Jurisprudence)
Stupid-Syndrome Syndrom (Jurisprudence)
Tell, Don’t Ask  (Jurisprudence)
Tamper-Proof  (Jurisprudence)
Duke and Cover  (Jurisprudence)
One-Off Offing  (Jurisprudence)
Pyrrhic Acquittal  (Jurisprudence)
The Real Price of Trying KSM  (Jurisprudence)


Condé Nast Portfolio

Table for One: New York



Los Angeles Times Magazine

The Supreme Beginner



The New York Times Op-Ed Page

Fatal Flaws In The Criminal Justice System
Jail Breaks
Defending Judge Duckman
Put Down Your Gun
Witnessing Guilt, Ignoring Innocence


Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Page

A Prison Without Hope
What the Supreme Court Took Away from Us
Pursuing the Polluters


Washington Post

Book Review: Courtroom 302 by Steve Bogira
Book Review: Sex, Lies and Handwriting by Michelle Dresbold


Other Newspaper Work

We Find The Defendant Not Guilty (If that’s O.K)
(New York Times--Arts & Leisure)

Innocence By The Numbers--Scalia's Fuzzy Math
(Boston Globe--Ideas Section)



Legal Affairs Magazine

A Bumble in The Bronx


The Nation

How to Deter White Collar Crime




Island Shopping-How to Buy Your Own Private Island



The Champion

I'll Never Forget That Face: The Science and Law of the Double-Blind Sequential Lineup



Modern Bride

A Stitch in Time (also known as 'My Sister's Chuppah')




Lexus Magazine

Master of Speed (PDF)
All the King's Horses (PDF)
The Sun King (PDF)
Smoked Signals (PDF)

Some Other Stuff:

The Executive Session on Indigent Defense:


An Article by Robin Steinberg (and me)
The Cultural Revolution


Lexus Magazine Online:


White Asparagus:








"Indefensible", my book about the criminal justice system, was published by Little, Brown & Co. in June of 2006.

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