Wyoming Public Defender's Office

Annual conference, Sheridan, Wyoming, September 28th and 29th 2007

Oregon Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Newport, Oregon, September 15th 2007

Maryland Public Defender Office

Potomac, Maryland, June 14th 2007

Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 7-8th 2007

University of North Carolina School of Government

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, May 16-17th 2007

Yale University Rebellious Lawyering Conference

New Haven, CT, February 24th 2007

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy

(Litigation Practice Institute), Fabush, Kentucky, October 9-14th 2006

National Criminal Defense College

(Trial College 2), Macon, Georgia, July 23th-30th 2006

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy

Annual Conference, South Cincinnati, KY, June 12th - 14th 2006

South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Laywers

Asheville, S.C., March 31st - April 2nd  2006

National Criminal Defense College

(Theories/Themes), Atlanta, Georgia, March 2nd-5th 2006

The Moth: Trials and Tribulations

New York, NY, February 22nd 2006

Missouri State Public Defender

Lake of the Ozarks, MO, December 7th -9th  2005

The Graduate Center of the City University of New York

Cold Case Panel Discussion, New York, NY, November 17th 2005

Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Brasstown, GA, October 30th -November 1st   2005

NY State Assembly Roundtable on Eyewitness ID’s

New York, NY, October 27th  2005

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Associations

Texas Two Step—Experts and Advocates.  Austin, TX  12/04

Rider University Law and Justice Awards

Eyewitness Identification, Science and the Courtroom, Trenton, NJ 10/28/04

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, 10/14/04.

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy,

Annual Conference, Lexington, KY., 6/22/04.

Dr. Strangespin:  Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Press.

New Strategies for Trying Eyewitness Identification Cases.

American Psychological Association: Psychology and Law Division

Annual Conference, Scottsdale, AZ,  3/5/04.

Wasted Science:  Foundering on the Shoals of Judicial Indifference.

New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Weapons for the Firefight: Brooklyn, NY 5/29/03.

The Association of the Bar of the City of New York,

Sequential & Double-Blind  Procedures: New York, NY 3/10/03.

National Legal Aid and Defender Association

Annual Conference, Milwaukee, WI 11/14/02.

New York State Defenders’Association

Developments in Criminal Practice, Rochester, NY 10/28/02.

Appellate Division, First Department,

Seminar on Eyewitness Identification, New York, NY 10/26/02.

Federal Defenders - -Eastern District of Washington and Idaho,

Western All Star Conference and Confabulation, Boise, ID  8/16/02.

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Warriors for the Defense, San Francisco, CA  8/1/02.

New York State Defenders Association,

Annual Conference, Niagara Falls, NY, 7/26/02.

Connecticut State Public Defender,

Annual Conference and Training Session Hartford, CT 6/21/02.

Appellate Division, First Department

Defending Domestic Violence Cases, New York, NY 6/11/02.

Federal Defender Training Branch
Developments in Criminal Practice, Santa Fe, NM, 4/29/02.





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